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On Your Own

Editions Médicis, Auteur: Teresa Fernandez-Gil Pharmacien Nutritionniste. Elle est chargée de cours au Cerden®

nouvelle alimentationStarting a young independent life as an adult is a time of intense learning. It is also the first time in your life when you can really make decisions for yourself. Use this book to enhance your intuition about food, digestion, and lifestyle to get the best out of your new life!

ON YOUR OWN offers a very affordable 3-week Plan, so you can learn the basics from the inside out while taking responsibility for your own health and nutrition.

Instead of rationalizing what should be intuitive, instead of being lost among so many contradictory publications, instead of fighting what willpower cannot fight...experiment with a more visceral way of eating and living as you build a new relationship with your body and mind. This Plan will take you along the royal path toward health and happiness with:

  • simple and delicious recipes for the not so skilled cook.
  • plenty of uncomplicated lifestyle suggestions.
  • many tricks and tips to make your new life amazingly easy.

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